Monday, February 9, 2015

We left for Amman by way of Frankfurt, Germany on an overnight flight.  Frankfurt is a large airport providing a crossroads for international travelers from all over the globe. We found it to be clean and organized with offerings of some delicious food and amenities that were new to us.  One of those amenities was a smoking room - a self-contained glassed-in cubicle where smokers could go to indulge with other smokers without polluting the air and lungs of those of us who do not wish to partake.  It was sponsored by Camel (the tobacco/cigarette company) and was called the "Smoking Zone".  I am not a smoker.  I found this accommodation to be a fair alternative to banning smoking within the facility and thought it might work in other airports, etc. Please note that on the side of this little glassed-in room was a warning that read:  Smoking can kill.  This "Smoking Zone" seemed to be consistently busy.    

We also saw large areas with recliner-type lounge chairs providing a comfortable way to wait for your next flight...some people took full advantage, much to our entertainment!

After a 4 hour layover in Frankfurt followed by a 4 hour flight, we found ourselves in Amman, Jordan on a Friday night.  We were met by a man who took care of our visas and entrance into Jordan (somehow we were not charged for this...), and waited while we retrieved our luggage.  He did not speak much English but was absolutely comfortable with his duties and knew his way around the airport.  We were then met by Nasser, a driver who took us to the hotel, was very friendly, and spoke English with great confidence .

The airport in Amman is only @2 years old and it is sleek, modern, with lots of glass and smooth lines.  We almost lost Nasser in the dark parking lot taking was me who almost got left behind, but both Alison and I were admiring the airport and were very excited to finally be in Jordan!  As we had been traveling for over 20 hours, our hotel was a welcome sight!

We made arrangements with our driver to go to Petra tomorrow.  Our adventure had begun!

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